THE SWORD WITH NO NAME (2009) korean movie

  • Film: The sword with no name
  • Titlu romanizat: Bulkkotcheoreom mabicheoreom
  • Hangul: 불꽃처럼 나비처럼
  • Regia: Kim Yong-Kyoon
  • Scenariul: Ya Suk-Rok / Lee Sook-Yun
  • Data premierei: Sept. 24, 2009
  • Durata: 124 min.
  • Genul: Drama / Istoric / Romantic
  • Tara: Coreea de Sud

Moo-myoung (Cho Seung-Woo) is a Joseon dynasty headhunter who meets and falls in love with lady Ja-young (Soo-Ae) who will become the future Empress Myseongseong. A few years later, Ja-young enters the royal palace to marry King Gojong. Moo-myoung still having feelings for Ja-young and in an attempt to get closer to her becomes her personal bodyguard.
Ja-young, now as the Queen of Joseon, becomes involved in a power struggle with Russia and Japan who are attempting to colonize Korea. Furthermore, King Gojong’s father (Cheon Ho-Jin), who wields true power in Joseon, works with the foreign interests which causes Ja-young to stand up to him and the foreign diplomats. The king’s father then gives his implicit approval for the Japanese to assassinate Queen Ja-young. Moo-myoung must now fend off these threats to protect the woman he loves …

Traducerea in limba romana – Liliana Matei (SugaLilly)
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  1. Carmen Ioana

    Exceptional film! Mulțumesc mult pentru generozitatea voastră!

  2. manuelle40

    Multumirile mele pentru acest film.

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