THE FATE OF SWORDMAN (2017) chinese movie

Movie: The Fate of Swordsman
Country: China
Release Date: Sep 22, 2017
Duration: 1 hr. 2 min.
A straightforward mission turns into much more for an expert martial artist. During the tumultuous time of the Shenlong Era of the Tang Dynasty, martial artist Xie Yun Liu is commanded by his master to escort Prince Li Chong Mao to the capital city of Chang’an.
As Yun Liu and Chong Mao are traveling through the Fenghua Valley, they witness Crown Prince Li Chong Jun and Princess Li Hua Wan being attacked, and Yun Liu ends up reluctantly coming to the rescue. Hailed as their savior, Yun Liu is invited back to the imperial Li family’s mansion for a celebration, only to find himself in the thick of other assassination attempts by the warring Wu family.
When Yun Liu is challenged to a deadly battle by Lu Wei Lou, the head of the Ming Sect, can he survive the predicament with his life?
Chen Si Yu-Xie Yun Liu
Main Role
Mary Ma-Li Hua Wan
Main Role
Huang Tian Qi-Li Chongmao
Support Role
Nate Huang-Li Longji
Support Role
Zhong Ming-Dou Yue
Support Role
Li Xiang Zhe-Lu Wei Lou
Support Role

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