OVERSIZE LOVE (2020) chinese movie

  • Movie: Oversize Love
  • Release Date: Oct 30, 2020
  • Runtime: 1 hr. 50 min.
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy (170)

Because of an unexpected opportunity, Lin Xiao Xi who used to be an overweight girl transforms into a beauty named Alice, thus starting a story full of twists and laughs when she is caught between her childhood friend and her lifelong crush.
Lin Xiao Xi is an optimistic and cheerful girl who loves chasing after celebrities. She lives happily on an island and runs a photography studio that is doing pretty well. The only drawback is that Xiao Xi is a bit fat! Her peaceful life is stirred by the appearance of male idol Huang Ke who reignites her determination to lose weight. Just as expected, she fails in her endeavor yet again.
By chance, Lin Xiao Xi comes across a magic potion that can allow her to magically lose weight. After her transformation, Lin Xiao Xi uses the pseudonym Alice to approach Huang Ke. Meanwhile, her childhood friend Han Bing repeatedly blocks her attempts to get together with Huang Ke. Ever since they were young, he has always been by her side and has gradually come to understand his underlying feelings for his best friend.


Guan Xiao Tong — Lin Xiao Xi/ Alice
Johnny Huang — Han Bing
Darren Chen — Huang Ke
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Traducerea si adaptarea in limba romana – Manuela
Hardsub – Lummy

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