NEW TALES OF THE GISAENG (2011) korean drama

  • Drama: New Tales of the Gisaeng
  • Revised romanization: Singisaendyun
  • Director: Son Moon-Kwon, Lee Young-Hee
  • Writer: Im Sung-Han
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 52
  • Release Date: January 23 – July 17, 2011

„New Tales of the Gisaeng” covers the love, sadness and pain of people around a gisaeng house, where only VIPs can enter.
Dan Sa-Ran majored in dance while attending college. She is beautiful. Her mother died when Sa-Ran was still young and her father remarried. Dan Sa-Ran comes from a poor family, but she keeps her dignity around friends who come from rich families. By chance, she meets Da-Mo and likes him, but doesn’t tell him because of her poor background. A head gisaeng at Buyongkak recommended to her to become a gisaeng.
Ah Da-Mo (Sung Hoon) takes business administration training at his father’s company. He does not get along with his father. Da-Mo’s father shows affection only towards their pet dog. Da-Mo is cocky and tends to look down on woman. By chance he meets Dan Sa-Ran and their relationship begins.

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