ME AND ME (2020) korean movie

  • Movie: Me and Me
  • Director: Jung Jin-Young
  • Release Date: June 18, 2020
  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Genre: Mystery / Drama

Hyeong-Goo (Cho Jin-Woong) is detective. He investigates a fire accident site in a country village.
The home were the fire accident took place belonged to married couple Soo-Hyeok (Bae Soo-Bin) and Yi-Young (Cha Soo-Yeon). The married couple died from suffocation.
Hyeong-Goo senses something suspicious about village residents Hae-Kyun (Jung Hae-Kyun) and Doo-Hee (Jang Won-Young). He investigates the case. One day, he wakes up in the house where the fire accident took place.
He finds that his life has completely changed. The house which burned down in his memory, is standing unblemished.
The village residents call him teacher instead of detective. His family, house, and job has completely disappeared. 156


Cho Jin-Woong – Hyeong-Goo
Bae Soo-Bin – Soo-Hyeok
Cha Soo-Yeon – Yi-Young

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Traducerea si adaptarea in limba romana – Florry82
Hardsub – Lummy

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