INNOCENCE (2020) korean movie

  • Movie: Innocence
  • Revised romanization: Kyeolbaek
  • Director: Park Sang-Hyun
  • Release Date: June 10, 2020
  • Runtime: 110 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Detective / Legal
  • 139

At the funeral for Hwa-Ja’s (Bae Jong-Ok) husband, attendee Mayor Choo (Heo Jun-Ho) and his party begin to vomit and collapse after drinking makgeolli. Mayor Choo survives, but some in his party die. Evidence seem to indicate Hwa-Ja as the culprit who poisoned the drink, but Hwa-Ja has Alzheimer’s disease.
Meanwhile, Hwa-Ja’s daughter Jung-In (Shin Hye-Sun) works as a lawyer at a big law firm in Seoul. In her past, she suffered from physical violence from her father and left her hometown. She is a now a successful lawyer. Jung-In then sees her mother Hwa-Ja on the TV news. She returns to her hometown. When she gets there, her mother Hwa-Ja does not recognize her or her younger autistic brother Jung-Soo (Hong Kyung). Jung-In takes up her mother’s case. She senses the truth is buried in her mother’s case and she is sure her mother is innocent.

Shin Hye-sun – Ahn Jung-in
Bae Jong-ok – Chae Hwa-ja
Heo Joon-ho – Mayor Choo

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