BIG MATCH (2014) korean movie

  • Drama: Big Match
  • Revised romanization: Bigmaechi
  • Director: Choi Ho
  • Writer: Choi Ho, Shim Bo-Kyoung, Kim Soo-Kyoung
  • Runtime: 112 min
  • Genre: Action / Death Game
  • Release Date: November 26, 2014

Choi Ik-Ho (Lee Jung-Jae) is a martial arts star with talent for action and humor. But one day, he is framed for murder. Ace (Shin Ha-Kyun) is a game planner, who makes a game for the Korean upper class. He is a villain who makes a city into a big gameboard through technology. Ace and Choi Ik-Ho become adversaries as Choi Ik-Ho jumps into the game to save his brother.

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