A BRAND NEW LIFE (2009) korean movie

  • Movie: A Brand New Life (English title) / Travelers (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Yeohaengja
  • Director: Ounie Lecomte
  • Writer: Ounie Lecomte, Lee Jung-Hwa
  • Release Date: May 20, 2009 (Cannes Film Festival)
  • Runtime: 92 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Children / Arthouse / Award Winning
  • Country: South Korea
  • 136

Jinhee (Kim Sae-ron) is a 9-year-old girl whose father leaves her at an orphanage after remarrying. Before leaving her, her father buys her new clothes and a cake to convince her that she is going on a trip. This coincides with the Korean title, which literally means „traveler” or „tourist”. In the orphanage, she tries to come to grips with the abandonment by her father and insecurities about a possible adoption. She gradually makes friendships, although she retains the belief that her father will return to take her back, and struggles (sometimes violently) not to adjust to her surroundings. In the end, Jinhee is adopted by French parents who are eagerly waiting for her at an airport to meet their new child.


Kim Sae-Ron as Jinhee
Park Do-Yeon as Sookhee
Go Ah-Sung as Yeshin
Park Myung-Shin as a nanny
Sol Kyung-Gu as Jinhee’s father

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